The Final Film!

The premiere for Mallaig in its Own Way, the film made by class P4-7EM at Mallaig Primary school was last Friday 9th March there was a fantastic turn out at the Fishermen’s Mission and everyone had a great time. We collected donations and made over £130 for the Mission. Here are some pictures . . .

And at last what you have all been waiting for FOLLOW THIS LINK TO WATCH

Mallaig in its Own Way

And here is a link to a short film about how the children went about making their First Light Movies Film

The Making of Mallaig in its Own Way

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An update from Tiffany

My favourite thing about our film was when we were editing and when we were filming. I liked it when Fraya Thomsen cames in and did music with us and when we played with the instruments and the tools. On Friday me and Rebecca sang a song for Fraya and she recorded it.

We are having a  premiere on March 9th Friday at the Fishermen’s Mission and there is going to be food and  there might be a red carpet and were  going to invite Fraya Thomsen and Jim who is a film maker like Sam Firth.

We made poems for Sam and Fraya picked some and sung them for us.

 We are inviting all of our family and people who helped us do the film.

Tiffany Eve Mathieson

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Recent news on the film project by Shannon

Well, we are nearly finished our film project and are getting close to the premiere and we are looking forward to it. Right now we are focussing on making invitations and posters. Our invitations are in the shape of fish.

Fraya Thompson came in on the 24th of February and made some music with us for the film and some of us were singing. Rebecca Smith and Tiffany Matheson were the first pair to go and sing.

We are all having great fun and hope the premiere all goes well. My favourite part of the film project was making everything. 

by Shannon Helen Cameron

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By Eve Cameron

This is our last week with Sam Firth.We have had so much fun through the past weeks.We are all excited at the thought of  seeing  our premiere at the Fishermen’s Mission on the 9th of March.As a class we have decided to name our film Mallaig In Its Own Way .We decided on this because Mallaig is unique and has its own background story.

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The Premiere

We are going to have a premiere on the 9th of March 2012 in the Fisherman’s Mission in Mallaig.We are going to invite all our relatives and all the people who helped us make the film especially Freya and Jim.Their will be food and drink.It will be fun:)

Shannon Lee MacDonald

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Latest update for our film

We have been editing our own little film and we learned how to edit our film and we have a composer (music director) coming in today and we are going to do some music for our film.

We don’t know if we are doing voice over or not but we might be putting words on the screen so we dont talk over the film most of us want subtitles (text) on the screen because we want music and not voices over the music but we don’t know yet so well have to wait and see.


                                             REBECCA SMITH

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About the Project by Rebecca Smith

Our film with Sam Firth is all about trains, tourism and the harbour. Last week we were filming around mallaig and myself (Rebecca Smith) and Gregor Innes were filming in the boatyard and we were looking around and someone was welding and we filmed the sparks falling to the ground and it was very lovley to see because they were splashing down like water. Then we filmed a  fisherman pulling up creels from the boat and then we got other fishermen with the crane pulling up fish nets and then getting some more it was actually very interesting.

This week we are editing our film to see what it might look like. It is turning out very well. When we were looking back at some of what we had filmed and most of it was dull. Sam told us that it is good to have more than you think you need because you can cut it and if you have to little it is not very good because we filmed one thing that only lasted for about a second. It was really good.

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